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Chris Sanders website refresh

Last week, in time for San Diego Comic-Con, I gave the website of artist/director extraordinaire Chris Sanders a little spa treatment with a scrub and a refreshing facial:  This time around Chris had specific requests on colors and layouts to unify some branding elements used in his booth. I think it was a great decision to go cleaner and I think it turned out great! This year at the Con he went bigger than ever with more much product than he’s ever had before: from a new figurine, “Kiele,” to shirts, and even the cutest little plush of Ogo. The online shop should be reopening in September with the new product that hasn’t been sold out. I plan to buy up the remaining Ogos (if there are any!) so I can make a huge pile to jump into and take a nap. So, what I mean is that the shop is actually reopening in umm… October, so don’t even bother checking in every 3 minutes in September. (hee) 2014


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