The Universe of ZAP


Meet ZAP: a little astronaut who one day awoke on a blasted asteroid, in a universe that is in disarray. With no memory of who he is or where he came from, however, he ultimately sees only possibility, and literally makes his dreams come true. With the help of his Zapper (a device that uses the energy of suns and stars) and his magical sprite-like alien friends called Zappies, he creates a universe of fun. There is an evil negative force however, lurking in the depths of space, feasting on planets and stars, wreaking havoc on harmony billions of years old leaving black holes of nothingness in it’s path. What can Zap, his Zappies, and the many friends they encounter along the way do to thwart this growing threat to universal life?

The Universe of ZAP is a storyline and clothing line I had in my head for many years. The above images are a few of the prints and branding graphics.

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